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Visually Impaired student receiving Orientation & Mobility Instruction
Children and youth with vision loss that learn and master braille, technology and orientation & mobility skills with a visual impairment at the earliest age are more likely to be employed as adults.

NYVRA strives to educate parents about the educational and rehabilitation services their children in New York State are entitled to. 

New York State residents who are blind have an employment rate that is half that of people without disabilities. People who are blind and/or disabled have double the poverty rate of the non-disabled population.

NYVRA works to change that by educating government procurement staff about the NYS preferred source program to buy blind made products and services, educating employers that blind people make great employees, supporting innovative vocational training and job placement programs, and encouraging quality education for children and youth with vision loss so they are prepared for the world of work.

According to the National Eye Institute, only 3% of people with vision loss that could benefit from vision rehabilitation services ever receive them.

NYVRA works to change that by educating lawmakers, the public and professionals about specialized vision rehabilitation  available  to New York State residents.

As people are living longer, they are more likely to experience age-related eye diseases and vision loss that interferes with daily functioning.

NYVRA educates seniors, their families and unpaid caregivers about specialized quality rehabilitation and workforce services available to them in New York State.

Teenager reads a Braille sign.
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